Session musician

Violin recording service

As a session musician Tonio is used to provide backing tracks for other musicians in recording sessions and live performances, recording for advertising, film and television as well as playing and recording his violin for theatrical productions.

Trained as a classical violinist, Tonio received his Bachelor of Music degree from the Music Conservatory of Mannheim. Tonio then moved to Arnhem, Netherlands, where he is currently graduating with his second Bachelor’s degree at the jazz & pop conservatory ArtEZ.

Since many years Tonio is asked to record in music studios and for music productions all over the world. If it’s a backing track with a whole string section or a composed violin solo part – Tonio is an excellent side reader as well as an outstanding improvisor. 

„I’d just like to wholeheartedly recommend Tonio Geugelin after working with him on my current film score. Absolutely first rate violin/fiddle performances and musicality on all of the tracks, and wonderfully recorded. 5 stars, will definitely use again.“

– Professional Film and Media Composer Paul Lawler.



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