Constituting an electronic live band all by yourself, that’s exactly what the German violin wizard Tonio Geugelin does. Equipped with a violin and a loop station, Tonio takes you on an electronic beatboxing and singing trip that will reverberate within you for a long time.

Trained as a classical violinist, Tonio received his Bachelor of Music degree from the Music Conservatory of Mannheim. In 2013 he turned his musical skills to composition and won second prize at the Crossover Composition Award with his piece for two violins, Orient Express. Tonio then moved to Arnhem, Netherlands, where he is currently graduating with his second Bachelor’s degree at the jazz & pop conservatory ArtEZ.

A successful collaboration with the rising band Moglebaum led in 2015 to the release of the Ozean EP on the French label Cosmonostro. Tonio continued to perform regularly with Moglebaum as well as in numerous interdisciplinary theatre and dance performances.

After working as a beatboxer on the Expo 2015 in Milan for two months he performed the self-composed multi-disciplinary dance show Make it Work together with dancer Paula Niehoff – their interdisciplinary collaboration goes under the name MIX.

With singer Xenja he works in the sibling-duo Xenja & Tonio. They are both composing as well as creating music videos for their originals.

In May 2017 Tonio toured as a soloist with the jazz and pop choir Voice Event in Germany and the Netherlands.

On 12 October 2017 Tonio release debut EP „Constant Magic“. „Schillerize“ just hit half a million plays on Spotify.

Tonio’s sound is influenced by musicians such as O Mer, Nao, Jacob Collier, ANIMA, Persian Empire and ANOMALIE.

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